3 Cost saving tips for long distance moves using furniture movers in Brisbane

Long distance moves can be stressful and hard on your family, so if you live in Brisbane, the best solution is to hire your moving services early, giving you plenty of time to have everything organised before the big day.

Inevitably, if you are moving interstate, you will spend a sizable part of your budget on the furniture movers, however there are a few sensible tactics you can use to minimise these costs.

  1. Consider your moving date: Weekends, school holidays and public holidays are the most sought after dates for moving, so if you can select a day outside of these popular times, you can often save a few dollars. Summer is also another very busy time for moving services in Brisbane, meaning that if you can schedule your move at another time of the year (particularly winter) you can also shave a few more dollars off your costs.
  2. Do you need everything? The more belongings you need transported interstate, the greater the costs. So it pays to spend some serious time sorting through all of your furniture and belongings to decide if you really need to take it all with you to your new home. Maybe it is time to update your old fridge and you always wanted a new sofa and dining room setting, didn’t you? Don’t forget that a garage sale is also a great way to help pay for your moving costs!
  3. Think about food: If you are driving and following the moving services from Brisbane to your to new home, think about the length of the drive and how many stops you will need along the way. Even if you are heading off before the moving truck leaves your old home, you will still need a number of food stops along the way and with a family of four, this can add up to a lot of extra money. So pack an esky with cold drinks and sandwiches, and maybe a quiche, salad and sausage rolls for example – finger food that can be easily eaten on the go and won’t break the bank.

If you are going to need furniture movers in Brisbane for your long distance move, why not get a quote online and start organising your move today!