3 Reasons Why you Need to Hire Expert Piano Movers in Brisbane

Are you looking for piano movers in Brisbane? When you purchase a piano, you don’t often give any thought to what happens when you need to move it again. Once it has been delivered and is in place, you just carry on and enjoy your piano with your family. Then a day comes along when you want to move it to another room, maybe you are having the hardwood floors sanded or new carpets laid, or maybe you are moving house.

There are a multitude of reasons that might require you to move your piano, so for whatever reason, eventually you will need to source piano movers in Brisbane. Moving your own piano is not something that you should take on yourself for 3 really good reasons:

1.It is very heavy: Pianos are heavy and bulky and are not easy to move around. You might get away with pushing and shoving it a few feet if that is all you need, but when you have to move it between rooms or between residences, the best idea is to bring in the professional piano movers in Brisbane, who have all of the tools and the experience in moving heavy furniture safely.

2.It is very delicate: Pianos don’t do well when they are moved and if they are inexpertly moved between locations, they can quite often need to be tuned again. So you really need to be careful when you are moving a piano as you don’t want to damage it and have to pay for repairs. This is another reason why you need expert piano movers in Brisbane.

3.Are you insured? If you are trying to load your piano onto a truck or take it up a flight of stairs, what happens if you drop it? It is doubtful if your house contents insurance covers you dropping your piano from a great height, but if you call in the expert piano movers in Brisbane, they will be insured. Of course they don’t drop pianos, but it is always good to know that they are insured.

So if you need your piano moved and you are searching for specialised piano movers in Brisbane, call Packers & Movers Brisbane on 0411 182 208 for a free quote.