3 Tips on Saving Money When Hiring Furniture Movers in Brisbane

Some people do their best to avoid hiring furniture movers in Brisbane, because they don’t want to spend the extra money when their budget is already tight. Moving can be expensive, but the benefits of having someone else move all of your furniture and belongings is monumental, compared to a DIY move.

If you are on the fence and are unsure whether you can afford to hire furniture movers in Brisbane for your next move, your first step is to calculate the costs of hiring a truck yourself, the cost of fuel and the number of trips you will need to do. Next, compare the costs in time and money with the cost of hiring furniture movers in Brisbane to do it all for you. Furniture removalists will cost you more money than a DIY move, but sometimes it is worth paying the extra money to give yourself and your family a stress free move.

If you still think that hiring removalists is too expensive, here are 3 ways you can save money when hiring furniture movers in Brisbane.
1. Hold a garage sale: The more of a load you need moved, the greater the cost. So get rid of everything you don’t need in your new life. If you are planning on buying a new sofa, bed, fridge or freezer for example, then get rid of them now and cut your removalist costs.
2. Book early: If you leave booking your removalists too close to your moving date, you might have to pay a premium, because they will have to try and slot you into their tight schedule. So make sure to book early and hopefully, you will be charged at a lower rate.
3. Be flexible: If you can fit in with the removalist’s tight schedule and be flexible with your dates, then there is no reason not to ask them for a discount. This is a win-win situation, because they earn more money and your moving costs are discounted.

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