4 Reasons why you need to use expert removalists in Brisbane

The budget is usually the reason why people avoid hiring removalists in Brisbane, but unfortunately, going it alone can often be more trouble than it’s worth!

Here are 4 reasons why not hiring furniture removalists in Brisbane is a bad idea.

1. You will have to pack everything yourself

Why pack early? Families need their clothes, personal items, computers, furniture and kitchen appliances just to live and businesses need everything to simply keep operating. However, if you hire removalists in Brisbane who also specialise in packing and unpacking (we do!), you don’t have to worry about any of it, as they will do it all for you the day before the move.

2. You will have to load and unload everything yourself

When you avoid hiring furniture removalists in Brisbane, you will have to load and unload everything yourself. Not to mention that you need to pack everything correctly on the truck to ensure that things don’t move around and become damaged during transit. When you hire removalists in Brisbane however, you can leave everything in their capable hands.

3. What about stairs, elevators, narrow entrances?

When you hire furniture removalists in Brisbane it’s their job to move everything from your property to their truck and then from the truck into your new property. They are the people who will have to negotiate stairs, lifts and narrow entrances, not you! Moving yourself can be really hard work and at the end of the day, do you really want to lift the family sofa up a flight of stairs?

4. What about insurances?

Will your policy cover any damage or loss to your belongings during the move? Professional removalists in Brisbane have insurance cover for loading and unloading, but they don’t always have cover for damage during transit. This is an additional cover that you need to ask about, before hiring your removalists (we have this additional insurance!).

In the end, the biggest tip we can give you is not to go it alone and not to hire a cheap removalist Brisbane, just to save money. Both of these options can cause you more angst and grief than you ever anticipated – always hire reputable removalists in Brisbane who can get the job done quickly, safely and on time.