Brisbane PrePackers are your spare set of hands for a stress-free move.

Are you moving to a new house? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Packers & Movers Brisbane can remove the overwhelm and create a stress free moving and packing experience.

Moving to a new house is high on the stress levels. To maintain your composure you need a plan.

What pre-planning should you do?

Here are some practical tips for your pre-planning:

1. Book your removalist. They are hard to employ on short notice.

2. Estimate the number of boxes you will need. Use quality boxes to save damage to your items and remove the issue of boxes falling apart during the move. Ask us about our cheap rate for quality moving boxes.

3. Work out a colour code system for each room. For example, a box with a yellow square of A4 coloured paper pasted on it will belong in the kitchen. You can show the removalists which room each box belongs in. This will save heaps of time and make unpacking and storing easy.

4. Have a container that can be carried from room to room. In it place, packing tape, ruler, coloured paper ( use to label boxes) scissors, Stanley knife, small stickers, stapler , black marking pens, Sellotape, pens. Train yourself to keep the contents in the box.

5. Sort belongings in each room and have neat piles for packing. Get rid of items you no longer need. Charity shops welcome goods and may come and collect them. This includes furniture. You could sell some goods on eBay and receive some cash for them.

6. Label each box with the type of content. A running sheet with box number, colour and contents will make it easy to find anything needed in a hurry. You can rate the importance of each box using stars. For example three stars for important, two for unpack soon. One star means the box can wait. Don’t mark the boxes with valuables in them and keep them as close to you as possible.

7. Make sure the boxes aren’t too heavy. Save your back and keep the bottom of the box intact.

8. The best rooms to begin with are the bedrooms.

9. Kitchen boxes can hold one heavy item and some lighter ones.

10. Use paper and old sox to ensure glasses won’t break.

11. Pillows and stuffed animals will protect precious items in a box.

12. If you have displays, you want to re-create in the new house take photos of the ones you have. Taking photos of electronic cords in place. Label each cord to prevent a lot of frustration and stress.

13. Put screws and small items in a zip lock bag and stick to the furniture they came from.

14. Empty drawer contents into one plastic bag and label the drawer they were in.

15. You can leave clothes on hangers and wrap in a bin liner. Label with small stickers.

16. Pack books can into a portable case with wheels. This makes them easy to move and to unpack.

17. If possible, draw a plan of the furniture for each room for the removalists. This means they can go ahead without you.

18. If possible, go to your new home and spring clean. Do this with the house empty.

19. Check the electric connections.

20. Prepare a snack box.

The best way to handle the stress of moving is to have help. Employ someone who can show you the shortcuts. A pre-packer is the person who can do that. Someone who will support you as you sort your belongings. An experienced pre-packer will help you organise your move. They will have checklists based on their experience. Our friendly Brisbane PrePackers are here to help you prepare and move with the least amount of stress possible.

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