How do specialist Brisbane removalists price their moving services?

As a customer, do you ever wonder how businesses come up with their pricing structure and why everything is so expensive nowadays? Well, as the leading removalists in Brisbane, our pricing structure is completely transplant and is very clearly outlined on our website for all of our customers.

We believe that our prices are very competitive, but as with everything, it always pays to be better informed. So in this vein, we thought it sensible to open up and let you know how we calculate our prices, so you can be fully confident that we really do offer the best value moving services in Brisbane.

What do we include in our prices?

Obviously, our prices reflect the costs and time involved in our moving and packing services in Brisbane. For example, the rising cost of fuel and the salary of our removalists. These costs are based on the time it takes on the road, transporting your furniture and belongings, and the length of time it takes to load everything and tie it all down safely on the truck.

We also need to include time for offloading, and if you want to use our packing services, then we need to account for this as well. Costs are also determined on the number of rooms, whether we have to go up and down stairs or elevators, and whether you have any large, heavy or cumbersome items that need to be relocated.

When people engage our moving services, some of them want part of their furniture and boxes to be left in storage for a while, so we need to factor in an additional trip in our prices, as well as unloading at the storage facility. Don’t forget, that if you want to move on a public holiday, then we do charge an extra fee, simply because we need to pay our removalists a higher rate.

To be as competitive as possible, we charge by the hour, so you don’t end up paying a day rate, if your move only takes a few hours. As the leading removalists in Brisbane, we know that the logistics of moving from one place to another can be complex, so if you have any special requests, you can call us on 0411 182 208 for a chat about your requirements or get a quote online.