How Much Does Non-Quoted Packing and Un-Packing Cost?

Are you looking for movers and packers in Brisbane? If you want the best moving services in Brisbane, then check out Packers & Movers Brisbane because they have a reputation for high quality work and are fully insured for any breakages that may occur not only during transit, but also during the loading and unloading of your belongings and furniture.

Most packers and movers in Brisbane only have insurances that cover the transport of your furniture, but Packers & Movers Brisbane have an additional insurance, which shows that they go above and beyond for their customers.

Packing and unpacking moving services in Brisbane

As you might have guessed from their name, this removalist company offers a complete moving service, which includes packing and unpacking all of your furniture and household belongings. This is a fabulous extra service which takes so much of the stress away from yourself and your family when you have to move home.

Just imagine someone coming in and packing up everything for you, loading it onto their removalist trucks, transporting it to your new home, unloading it and then unpacking everything. Hiring packers and movers in Brisbane leaves you free to make sure your family and pets are ready for the move, and to have some much needed lunch and enjoy your moving day.

Packers & Movers Brisbane also supply all of your moving boxes and they have an extensive range of boxes that are specifically designed to protect plasma LCD TVs, lampshades, bicycles, lounges and a wide range of other furniture. So they really do provide complete moving services in Brisbane.

Their costs for non-quoted packing and unpacking are $99 per hour for 2 pre-packers and $140 per hour for 3 pre-packers. They also have small, medium and large trucks which come with at least two removalists, depending on your needs. When you add up all of these costs, you can see that the packing and unpacking fees are only a small component of the overall moving costs and will seriously pay for themselves on your moving day.

So if you are looking for movers and packers in Brisbane, you can’t go wrong calling Packers & Movers Brisbane on 0411 182 208 and look forward to a stress free moving day.