How to lighten the load of house packing and decluttering when moving to your new home

Are you are moving in the near future? Then house packing is going to become one of your main priorities very soon! Most of us however, have collected so much ‘stuff’ that decluttering seems to go hand in hand with house packing.

If this situation seems familiar to you, then your best option is to call a specialist removals company that also offers house packing services in Brisbane, as they can help you to declutter before your move. On the other hand, if the very thought of throwing anything away fills you with an attack of the vapours – here are a few questions that might help get you started.

Why did you collect all of this ‘stuff’?

House packing can make you face a lot of emotions about your belongings, so you need to ask yourself why you have ferreted away all of these items. These could be your old childhood toys or your late parent’s belongings, or maybe you have a wardrobe filled with clothes that no longer fit you or a penchant for kitchen utensils.

One reason we hang onto these items is because we often have an emotional attachment to them or we keep them out of a sense of guilt or obligation. Once you recognise why you have saved these items, it can often be easier to let them go and declutter your home. Understanding that you need to declutter can also make the decision to hire a company that specialises in house packing services in Brisbane easier as well.

After all, many of these items actually clutter your life – just think of the time it takes to dust or maintain some of them, as well as all of the storage space that is needed. If you know that you won’t ever use these items or you haven’t used or worn them in the past 6 months, maybe it’s time to send them to a new home?

Decluttering and house packing in Brisbane doesn’t have to be stressful, all you need to do is start early and take it slow. Decide which items need to be placed in the trash, which can be recycled, given to charity or sold, and which you want to keep.

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