How to plan ahead for safe pool table removals Brisbane

Pool table removals in Brisbane are not something that you should really try yourself, even though many people do attempt a DIY move. The obvious reason for calling in the professionals is because pool tables are so large, heavy and cumbersome, you can not only damage the table, but you can also seriously injure yourself.

Wrenching your back is an injury that can take years to heal and sometimes you are still left in pain, so calling in the experts for any pool table removals in Brisbane simply makes sense. One of the important points you need to understand is that a pool table cannot be moved whole, it needs to be dismantled and put back together again after the move.

Far too often, people who try to move their own pool tables don’t know how to dismantle and reassemble their table correctly, ending up frustrated when they need to call in someone to help. This is why the safest and surest way is to call in the professional for all your pool table removals in Brisbane.

There are things you can do however to hasten the process and prepare your pool table to be safely moved to its new location.

How to prepare for pool table removals in Brisbane

Obviously, you can leave all of these preparations to the pool table removers, but if you prefer, you can start by removing the six side pockets. To remove the pockets you will either have to loosen the screws on the underside of the table or if they have been stapled into place, you will need a staple remover.

The next step is to remove the side rails of the pool table and for this you need a socket wrench to remove the bolts. You then need to slide the side rails away from the table and store them safely out of the way. The third step is to remove the felt from the table, but this is one of the most complicated parts of pool table removals in Brisbane, so it is best to stop at this point and leave the rest for the professionals.

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