Tips on interstate furniture removals

Interstate Furniture Removals – it doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

Our professional team make interstate furniture removals stress free. Most of us have moved to a new property at least once, so we can all agree that house removals are often a stressful time for everyone concerned. However, it’s one thing to move to another suburb in your area and an entirely different experience when you are relocating interstate.

Organising a company who are experienced in interstate furniture removals and can supply all the necessary moving boxes is a good first step, but let’s back up a little and consider some of the other issues you will need to deal with when moving interstate.  

Finding a property

Your first challenge before organising your interestate furniture removals is locating a property to move to! It’s often a good idea to rent first, so that you can get a feel for the area (even though this means organising two house removals). Whether buying or renting however, you will be at a disadvantage due to the distance, having to rely on online viewings or asking a friend or relative in the area to take a look for you, unless you can spend the time to visit the area yourself to view properties (which is why renting is usually the better option).

One good solution if you are buying at a distance is to engage a buyers agent, who will know all of the state’s real estate rules and can make the entire process run smoothly for you and your family.

Decluttering before ordering your moving boxes

To reduce the costs of an interstate move it’s sensible to declutter your home first, because the more you take with you, the higher the furniture removal costs. Always ask for a number of quotes from different house removal companies and make sure that it’s a door to door service, because the more truck transfers that are needed, the higher the probability of damage to your belongings.

Re-engaging at your new location

Don’t forget to change the address on your driving licence and re-register your vehicle in your new state, as well as updating your insurance policies (car, home and contents). Parents will initially be consumed with organising their children’s new schools and of course, everyone will need to find the fastest way to school or work and explore parking or transport options.

If you want to buy or hire moving boxes for your next move or you need a fast online quote for interstate furniture removals, call us on 0411 182 208 or send us an email.