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BRISBANE'S TRUSTED "PACK & MOVE" REMOVALISTS FOR 19 YEARS ... 3000 moves and counting!


FOR 19 YEARS ... 3000 moves and counting!

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  • Fully Insured for your peace of mind 
  • Retirement Village Relocation Specialists 
  • Reliable and Trustworthy Local Team
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Interstate removals Brisbane to Adelaide - Trusted movers and packers

Packers and Movers Brisbane are the trusted experts in interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide. With nearly twenty years’ experience moving people and businesses locally and interstate, we have the know-how and specialist equipment to ensure a safe and happy move.

Our team of caring lady packers make sure that all your furniture and possessions are expertly packed and safely stored on our truck in Brisbane, ready for your move. At your Adelaide destination, our trusty ladies unpack everything, placing your furniture and possessions in the correct rooms, so it’s all ready for you to move in!

If you want stress-free interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide, you can’t do better than the trusted team at Packers and Movers Brisbane.

Complete interstate moving and packing service

Whether you are a single person, couple, young family, family with teens or ready for retirement, we know that moving interstate can be a big move for most people. It can also be a very exciting time, as you get ready to start a new life in Adelaide. Even so, before you can get to the exciting part, you have to move all your furniture and belongings to Adelaide and this is where it can become stressful.

However, with expert interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide, there’s no need to worry, because we have moved thousands of people interstate over the past twenty years. We have every step of the move planned out, so that it all runs smoothly. That’s why we have such a great reputation with our customers, because they know they can trust us to move all their belongings from Brisbane to Adelaide safely. In fact, a large part of our business comes from repeat customers who make sure they use our services for their next move. There’s nothing like the positive testimonials of repeat customers to give new clients the confidence they need to hire one of the most trusted packers and movers in Brisbane.

Our complete service is very popular with customers, because it’s our most stress-free option. Without our packing service, you would likely spend weeks and weeks packing personal belongings, appliances, books and other possessions, so that you aren’t faced with packing everything a few days before your move. The problem with this approach is that it’s difficult to not pack items that you will still need before your move.

The solution is our pacing service, because you can live as normal, right up until the day we arrive to pack everything for you. You don’t need to spend weeks packing and searching for items you have already packed but suddenly need. You simply live your normal life and then all your belongings are whisked away by our team of expert lady packers! 

Interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide - Fully insured

One of the biggest concerns for people who hire removalists, particularly for long interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide is damage to their furniture and belongings. That’s why we insure everything, so you don’t need to worry about your move.

It’s true that furniture and belongings can be damaged during a move, but it’s actually very rare. Which is why we provide you with insurance cover for your move, just in case it does happen. Our lady packers make sure that all your possessions are expertly packed, padded and tied down for the move, so we provide this insurance for your peace of mind knowing that it will rarely ever be used.

In fact, any damage that does occur (remembering that it’s a rare occurrence) doesn’t usually happen during transit, but whilst loading and unloading your belongings. This is important, because many removalists only provide transit cover, not insurance that protects your belongings during loading and unloading. At Packers and Movers Brisbane, however, we also provide this additional insurance, giving our customers the full insurance package - all free and at no cost to you. So between our careful lady packers and our comprehensive insurance cover, interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide are perfectly safe and stress-free.

Our step by step interstate removals process

Interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide involves more logistics planning than moving locally. So here’s our step by step process for your interstate move that will start at your Brisbane residence and end at your new Adelaide destination with all your furniture and belongings safe and sound.

Step 1

Once we know your moving date, we map out the shortest door to door route to your Adelaide destination. This involves checking on existing or potential roadworks along the route to ensure that there are no hold ups during transit. We’ll recheck this information closer to your departure date, again, just to make sure that nothing has unexpectedly cropped up. We’ll also check for accidents and traffic jams, hoping to avoid any delays along the route.

Step 2

We arrange a time prior to your moving date for our team of lady packers to arrive at your home. They come armed with all the packing materials they need to pack and load all your furniture and belongings safely and securely. If you have any unusually large or heavy items, we’ll already have made arrangements to have the right equipment on-site to safely pack and load them onto the truck. Then it’s off to your new destination! Interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide have never been so easy!

Step 3

When we arrive at your new Adelaide address, our team of lady packers helps to unload all your furniture and possessions, deliver them to the correct rooms and then unpack everything. You might need to change a few things around to better suit your new home, but essentially, you can just unpack your cases and move right in!

Step 4

Some of our customers want us to deliver their belongings to a storage unit, because they might be staying in a hotel or motel until they find the right accommodation. Other times, they are downsizing and want some of their belongings placed in storage. That’s not a problem, because all you need to do is provide us with the address of the facility and we can deliver and unload your furniture and belongings directly into your storage unit.

We’re not just removalists. We’re partners.

So if you're in need of expert and trusted interstate removals from Brisbane to Adelaide, give us a call on 0411 182 208 or send us an SMS for a free quote!