Is it better to hire or buy moving boxes for house packing

As professional removalists in Brisbane, we have a large range of house packing boxes for hire and for sale, making it easy for you to protect and pack all of your belongings. We have boxes that are specifically designed for specific items, for example plasma LCD TVs, bicycles, wall pictures, lamp shades, books and wine. and even porta robe boxes that allow you to hang your clothes, rather than fold them.

We also supply all of the butcher paper, tissue paper and bubble wrap you will need, as well as protective mattress covers, dining chair and lounge covers, in fact everything you could possibly need for your move. It goes without saying that to move a household from one location to another, you will need a lot of boxes, but should you buy them or hire them?

The case for buying house packing boxes

The best reason to actually buy all of the house packing boxes you need for your move is because you want to use the boxes for storage. Many home owners don’t bother to unpack everything when they first move into their new home, particularly when they are renting.

Instead, they will store a lot of their belongings, either in the garage or in a storage unit. This means that they need good quality boxes, but they want to keep them long term. If you want to transport some of your boxes to a storage unit and others to your new home, just let us know and we are happy to oblige. Don’t forget that we also buy back unused house packing boxes as well.

The case for hiring house packing boxes

Hiring all of your boxes is a great idea when you don’t really want to keep anything in storage. You might take a few weeks to unpack everything, but once you are done, you are left with a mountain of boxes! As busy removalists in Brisbane, if your used boxes are in good condition, we can reuse them for our other customers, so if you call us to collect them within 2 months, we will give you a 50% refund on their original price. We also deliver and pick up these boxes free of charge in the Brisbane Metro area.

If you are searching for professional packers and removalists in Brisbane, you can quickly get a quote online today.