Is It Really Worth Hiring Piano Movers in Brisbane?

No-one wants to spend more money than they have to, so is it really necessary to hire piano movers in Brisbane? Well, pianos come in many different shapes and sizes from heavy to absolutely huge, so moving one yourself wouldn’t be the best idea in the world.

Trying to move a piano yourself, instead of hiring piano movers in Brisbane, is a short cut to doing yourself an injury and damaging your prized possession, all at the same time. These are two of the best reasons for leaving piano moving to the experts, but as you will see below, these are not the only reasons that piano moving shouldn’t be part of your day.

Damage caused by transporting your piano
Professional piano movers in Brisbane know that any damage caused to your piano is most likely going to happen during the loading and unloading of your piano onto a truck. Pianos are very heavy and are difficult to handle, so that without the right equipment, you are left to manhandle the piano on and off the truck yourself, causing untold damage to your piano.

If you know anything about pianos, you will know that despite their weight and bulk, they are very delicate musical instruments and even following a move by professionals, they can still require retuning, before they can be played again.

If you don’t value your health and your piano, retuning it will be the least of your problems when you drop it from the back of the truck. Professional piano movers in Brisbane have been moving and transporting pianos for years and they have all of the right equipment to make the move safe for both your piano and everyone involved.

Piano movers in Brisbane are also covered by insurances, so if by any chance, your piano is damaged during loading, unloading or transportation, their insurance policies will cover the costs of repairs or replacement. You might find that your house contents insurance doesn’t cover the cost of replacing a piano that wasn’t tied down properly on the back of a Ute and fell off going round the roundabout.

When you need to move your piano, it pays to call in professional piano movers in Brisbane, so the move goes smoothly and your piano arrives safe at its destination.