Storage tips from the leading furniture removalists in Brisbane

Not every move goes to plan, even when you hire the best furniture removalists in Brisbane! For many of our clients, they find that their home has sold before they have found another property to purchase and they need to put all their furniture and belongings into storage.

Others find that their new rental property is rather small, so they decide to place some of their larger items in storage, until they can move to a bigger property. Timing isn’t always perfect, which is why these storage facilities can be a life saver for our clients, particularly if they move around a lot and regularly employ furniture movers in Brisbane.

Whether you require short or long term storage, it’s always best to hire a company that specialises in furniture removal to transport your belongings to the storage facility. This way, you know that they will arrive safely at their destination!

Here are five more tips to make sure that your belongings and furniture stay in good condition in storage.

  1. Check for repairs: Always perform any repairs before putting your furniture into storage, so it’s ready to be used when the furniture removalists in Brisbane deliver it to your home. Also, tighten any screws and make sure everything is in good condition, because if your furniture is stacked in storage, the additional weight can cause damage to the more fragile items.
  2. Can you take it apart? If you can easily disassemble large items of furniture then this will make them easier to transport and save you lots of space in your storage unit. It will also cut down on the time it takes your furniture movers to pack the truck in Brisbane, saving you money as well.
  3. Clean everything: Whenever furniture needs storage, it’s always best to clean it before leaving it in your storage unit. That’s because dirt and debris can encourage mould to grow and your furniture can smell quite unpleasant if it has been stored without first being cleaned.
  4. Protective wrapping: As experts in furniture removal, we know that it’s always best to wrap furniture in a protective wrapping when it is being stored for any length of time. This protects your furniture from any damage during transport to the facility, as well as on the return journey. You might also need to add extra padding between some items to make sure that they don’t rub against one another and cause additional damage in storage.
  5. Leave it to the professionals: If all of this sounds like a lot of work, then your best option is to leave it to the professional furniture removalists in Brisbane – we will pack and transport everything to your storage facility.

For more information on packing furniture and transporting it to your storage facility, call us on 0411 182 208 or send us an email.