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Top prepackers in Brisbane

Without a doubt, Brisbane Prepackers are the best moving service in South East Queensland. This is because they have a solid reputation within the industry and they provide a host of services – essential when you are moving your home’s belongings or office equipment, and their clients love them!

So what services do Brisbane Prepackers offer?

1. Prepacking in Brisbane: When you are ready to move to your new home, the thought of packing all your belongings and furniture, as well as moving, can put a huge strain on your family. That’s why Brisbane Prepackers include a prepacking service, which means that they come in a day or so before you move and pack up everything for you. They even unload and unpack everything at the other end. This means that you can focus more on moving into your new home, than moving out of the old one.

2. Office relocations: Moving an entire office or department can be overwhelming, so Brisbane Prepackers come in and pre pack, relocate and unpack all of your office furniture and other items for you at your new destination. This minimises your downtime and keeps your business earning money.

3. Local and interstate removals: It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to the next street or the next State, with this firm all your prepacking in Brisbane can be completed and transported, unloaded and unpacked anywhere in Australia.

4. Piano and pool table relocations: Large, cumbersome items like pianos and pool tables are no problem to Brisbane Prepackers and this service saves you so much time in trying to source another moving company, specifically for these items.

5. Online box hire: They supply boxes for plasma LCD TV’s, lamp boxes, small boxes, large boxes, pushbike boxes, picture boxes, bubble wrap, lounge chair and dining chair covers and a lot of other super useful moving paraphernalia. If you don’t use it all they will even buy it back from you.

So next time you are moving your family or your office, give Brisbane Prepackers a call and you will have a completely stress free experience.