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What to look for when hiring a removalist?

Looking for removalists in Brisbane

Whether you’re moving from one house to another a block away or moving from one state to another there’s a lot to prepare, organise and consider. Finding Brisbane local movers might sound like it’s pretty easy but finding the right removalists when moving house is a lot more difficult.

Ultimately the removalists you choose should only work to detract from the stress and hassle of the day, not add more. That’s why finding the right company to help you move house is essential to making your experience as smooth and pain-free as possible.

How do you find the right removalists? What makes for a good, reliable and trustworthy company? This handy list aims to help you find the perfect partner for moving house Brisbane, Queensland and Australia wide.

Prioritise local removalists

Companies like Packers and Movers Brisbane are the premier partner choice for all removalist needs because they’re locally based and owned/operated by locals. Packers and Movers, for example, has been in the business for approximately two decades and has completed over 3,000 moves. Why is going local important? Apart from the fact that they’re likely to have specific experience working and moving households in your area, local companies are also more reliable to source, vet and find recommendations from past companies for. Local businesses rely on word of mouth and referrals for their growing business, so they go to extra great lengths to provide excellent service at industry-leading prices.

Check their service offering

There are some removalist companies which offer exactly that: removals. Nothing more and nothing less. A top tier removalist company, however, will offer a range of services and extra offerings to really ensure you get the complete package. That’s exactly why Packers and Movers doesn’t just offer removalist services. Our team can pre-pack all of your possessions and home contents, complete the move, declutter your home, get rid of the rubbish and organise surplus stuff to be donated to nominated charity. We also offer secure short term storage to help take the pressure off our customers during their move. These are the kinds of services you should be expecting from your removalist company.

Transparent and fair pricing

Good, fair removalists offer accurate and upfront cost estimates before you sign them up for the job. With nothing to hide and transparent pricing, you can rest assured that you’re being taken care of without being taken advantage of too. If a removalist company is vague about costs and inclusions, that’s a sign to run a mile. Check to see if their package offerings include all the necessary details you’re after, such as the inclusion of packing boxes and the like. Companies without transparent and fair pricing are unlikely to result in a happy moving experience. If you’d like to get a quote from Packers and Movers, make sure to give us a call or simply send a text to 0411 182 208.

Comprehensive insurance cover

Take our word for it: insurance is a must! We’re not talking partial insurance that covers certain items under certain conditions. We’re talking 100% all-inclusive, comprehensive insurance guarantees. Packers and Movers Brisbane offers complete insurance cover as our standard package offering. If we break it, we replace it. If we damage it, we fix it. Guaranteed. No extra charge, no extra stress. Any removalist company offering less than that should make you think twice. 

Relocation experience

Some companies in the removalist industry promote themselves as removalists but are really transportation experts and couriers. Others offer excellent decluttering and packing services but don’t have the fleet or expertise when it comes to relocating and transport. The right removalist company for you will have plenty of experience doing both. You don’t need to add the stress of worrying whether the company you’ve chosen has a big enough truck, will arrive at your new destination on time, or supplies the right packing materials. Make your life easier but simply going with the removalist and relocation company with actual experience.

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Honest and reliable

When you move and relocate you’re putting your prized possessions and valuable contents in the hands of other people; isn’t it worth ensuring that the removalists you choose are honest and reliable people who are genuinely committed to taking care of your belongings and getting your stuff where you need it to be safe and sound? So how do you tell if a removalist is honest and reliable? Simple: check out their reviews and testimonials. Nothing speaks the truth about the performance of a removalist company than the feedback from the customers themselves. 

Strictly punctual

Relocating means deadlines. Deadlines to pack your stuff up, deadlines to move, deadlines to be re-settled on the other side. When you’re looking for a removalist in Brisbane, or anywhere else for that matter, make sure to check their reputation for providing punctual service. You need to have peace of mind that your truckload of possessions will be where you need it when you need it. The Packers and Movers Brisbane team draws on our many, many years of collective industry experience to scout the best transportation route for each of our customers. That way we can take into account changes in traffic conditions and even the weather to make our customers’ deadline every time.

Trust the specialists in all things removal

Keeping things on track during your relocation is often easier said than done, unless you use the above handy checklist to find one of the top removalists in Brisbane like Packers and Movers. There’s a reason why we’ve garnered a reputation for being the most trusted removalists in Queensland. From our professional friendly team to our end-to-end package offerings, we provide uncompromisingly high quality removalist services for the entire Brisbane community. Getting ready to move? Contact us today!