Packers & Movers Brisbane

Why Hiring Packers & Movers Brisbane is a Better option than hiring a removalist to Pre Pack your household items:

Packers & Movers Brisbane will ensure that your household items are adequately wrapped and protected to withstand any heavy friction and rough handling during their transportation. Different objects have varying degrees of fragility. therefore requiring different wrapping material.

The truth is that a removalist company, despite the experience it may have, may not have professionals who are properly trained in packing your everyday or delicate household items.

A professional pre-packing service such as Brisbane Pre-Packers, which owned and operated by Thelma Anderson, offers a number of features that may not be provided by a traditional removalist pre packer.


We understand that all our customers have varying budgets. Some people would prefer to reduce the costs of packing and transporting their possessions to a bare minimum.

Brisbane Pre-Packers, offers 2 pre packing options. Either a full pre pack or a part pre pack. Pre packing is charged by hourly rate or in some cases a fixed quote. We also offer removal packing boxes and all packing materials at a much lower price than storage companies and some online outlets. Online outlets boxes are much thinner than the boxes Packers & Movers Brisbane supply, which means we are unable to full the box completely as they are known to spilt and rip.

Alternatively, if you have boxes that you want us to use, we can limit our services simply to the packing process.


It is unlikely that a removalist will have the experience and understanding as to how your household items and personal items should be properly packed. Pre packers usually have techniques to pack, based on the particular size of an object. Brisbane Pre-Packers, will take into account the amount of protection and care each and every individual object requires. While the item size is naturally important, we will also look into the other important factors like weight, fragility and mobility when packing your household possessions.