Tips on getting the most out of your office removalists in Brisbane

Moving an entire office can be a huge undertaking and requires expert timing, which is why you need to select the best office removalists in Brisbane for your relocation. After all, every minute that you are not operating, is another dollar lost, and as we all know – time is money!

This means that you need to start preparing for the move well in advance, so that on the day, the move goes smoothly and quickly, and you can be open for business as fast as possible. To help you relocate to your new premises, here are our tips on getting the most out of your office movers in Brisbane.

8 weeks before your deadline

This is the time when you should have already selected and booked your furniture movers in Brisbane, informed your landlord that you are moving and have all your employees onboard. If your lease includes specific renovations on termination, then this is also the time to have a builder organised to step in as soon as you have vacated the premises. Start an inventory of all your furniture, supplies and equipment, decide what you will take with you to your new location and what needs to be donated, sold or sent to the tip. Organise the removal of these unwanted items in the next few weeks.

4 weeks before your deadline

Make sure that there is adequate parking facilities for your removalists in Brisbane, contacting the property manager or local council if necessary to make these arrangements. Inform your electricity, internet and phone providers of your moving date and new address, and arrange for everything to be turned on at your new location. Order new stationary supplies and business cards with your new contact details and backup all your important files to external drives or the cloud.


Contact all your clients and inform them of your new location, update your website and all of your social media platforms as well. Give any last minute instructions to your movers in Brisbane, then once you have checked that everything has been loaded, lock up the old office and follow your furniture movers to your new location!

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