What you need to know about interstate removals

Relocating and moving can be simultaneously exciting and surprisingly stressful. If you’re moving from one home to another within the same city, or even to an adjoining suburb, the entire process from start to finish can take anything from days to weeks. 

Many people don’t initially realise just how complicated moving can be. Of course there are big items in your home, like furniture and white good appliances, that need to be physically moved, but there’s also almost always a surprising amount of additional stuff that needs to be packed properly and moved carefully. Not to mention the truck hire, parking, and unpacking!

Then there’s interstate relocation. Once you start crossing state borders and moving long distances, the complications increase and you’d be forgiven for feeling the beginnings of a migraine forming in your head. 

Luckily there are specialist interstate removalists Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne or any other city in Australia, like our professional team at Packers and Movers Brisbane. If you are, however, still only in the planning stages of your interstate move, make sure to familiarise yourself with our important checklist of things you need to know about interstate removals.

Consider how you can make the experience more exciting

There’s plenty to be excited about when moving cities and states, but that excitement can often be lost in the tumult and stress of actually moving. Why not take the opportunity while you’re travelling from state to state to take a little break? Organise a holiday on the way. Stop over at a relative or friends house, or just check into a resort or hotel for a few days. Seeing as you’re packing up anyway, why not load the car and go on a mini road trip? You can design your specific holiday any way that suits you.

Familiarise yourself with where you’re going ahead of time

There’s a ton of stuff to organise before, during and after your interstate move. That’s why we strongly recommend you take some time, while you’re in a familiar environment to get to know the city that you’re moving to. Thanks to the ever-wonderful internet, Google street view, online eatery registries, and attraction reviews there’s not much you can look into before moving to a place. Nothing, of course, will replace the need to explore once you’re actually on the ground in your new home, but it will be invaluable to help your acclimatisation to gain as strong an understanding and accurate an expectation beforehand. 

Find the right interstate removalist company

Some brave souls might choose to pack, move and unpack themselves, but for most people the thought it understandably terrifying. The right removalist company will ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible. So, how do you evaluate which company is the right choice for you? Try answering these questions:

  • Do they offer comprehensive services including packing, unpacking, moving and removalist services?
  • Do they have experience and a reputation for high quality and reliable services?
  • Is their pricing structure transparent, fair and competitive?
  • Is their team good at providing ongoing and thorough communication?
  • Do they have strong inventory cataloguing processes, accurate time frames and the necessary moving equipment/vehicles?
  • Do they have experience with interstate relocation?  
  • Are they properly and comprehensively insured?

Take the time to do your due diligence with any interstate removalist company you’re considering. Check out their website, view their services and have a chat with them on the phone. The best companies will offer free quotes and project appraisals so you have some idea of what they can and can’t do and what price they can do it at. 

Don’t be afraid to ask

A lot goes into packing, removalist services and moving. We’ve found that the customers who ask lots of questions and are able then to put their concerns at ease find the entire moving experience a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. The more questions you can ask upfront to clarify exactly how everything is going to work, the quicker and more efficient the actual process of moving will be. 

Asking questions isn’t just about helping yourself with more knowledge and a greater understanding. It also means your removalist company will be able to understand your needs and expectations better and adjust their approach or plan for the job accordingly. While there may always be questions during the process of interstate moving, questions being asked late in the day could cause preventable delays. 

Think about your children and pets

Moving homes and changing lifestyles, especially if it’s from one state to another, can be difficult for children. Change is hard and children often don’t have the maturity their parents do to deal with the anxiety that change causes to their lives. Try involving them in the process of moving. Let them understand and take part in the inventory cataloguing and packing. By using a professional interstate removalist company to do the hard work for you, you can focus more on providing support for your children. Make it fun and an adventure and don’t forget to keep a couple of their favourite toys out so that they can play with them on the move while everything else is packed up.

By the same token, pets can also need readjusting to changes in environments and home, not to mention the stress of the actual journey. We recommend, depending on your type of pet and their natural disposition, checking in with your local vet for tips and advice for moving and travelling with your pet. 

Enjoy the journey!

Yes, moving can be stressful. Yes, it can be exhausting. But it can also be exciting. 

Remember to breathe deeply and just take one small step at a time. Everything will fall into place–especially if you choose a professional team to help you. Don’t obsess about the enormity of the task, just break it down into little jobs to do and you’ll see that it’s not actually such a big deal. Thousands and thousands of people move interstate every year, and you can do it too! 

Ready to get started on your adventure? Contact the experts in interstate removalists Brisbane to Sydney today on 0411 182 208. We’ll do all the work, so you can enjoy the journey!