Why do furniture removalists in Brisbane love autumn?

As the leading furniture removalists in Brisbane, we love the autumn weather, because the heat of the hot Aussie summer is declining and the days are clear and crisp. Many homeowners decide to sell their homes in the spring, but this means that they will need to move in the heat of the summer. This can put a big strain on your family, as not everyone can cope with so much activity in the hot summer days that we experience in SEQ.

When’s the best for furniture removalists in Brisbane?

If you are considering moving from one residence to the other then it is always better to move during March, April or May because everyone benefits from the cooler temperatures. After all, it’s no fun working hard outside when the temperature is hot enough to fry an egg!

Even piano movers in Brisbane, look forward to the autumn, because as experts in lifting very heavy and cumbersome loads, they really feel the effects of the heat in summer. Of course, sometimes your moving dates are out of your control or you simply must have your piano moved by a specific date. If you have any choice in the matter however, always look to move in the autumn with winter and spring being good options as well.

Autumn however, is the perfect time to move because it’s one of the least popular times of the year to relocate. This means that furniture removalists in Brisbane won’t be overly busy, giving you more chance of locking in your dates and at short notice as well. Summer is a particularly difficult time to move, not only because of the heat, but also because it’s the most popular time and removalists and even piano movers in Brisbane are usually working flat out.

The reason that summer is usually so busy is because parents prefer to move when their children have finished school for the year and can start afresh in a new school at the beginning of the next school year. If this isn’t a problem for you, then moving during the off-season (autumn) gives furniture removalists in Brisbane much more flexibility and homeowners many more options for their move.

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